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Original Canvas Painting


Esther Pomerantz, an artist and healer.

Painting has been always a part of her life. In 2001, she started to paint intensively and express her inner urge by the artistic creation.

Esther is multidimensional in her work, varying between realistic, well-structured and detailed style to colorful sculpturing in trees paintings, stones, pomegranates and intuitive painting. In the past few years, Esther developed her intuitive painting skills and today she is instructing many other.

Esther is not a part of any paradigm. She creates within a balance between the analytical and erudite thinking; and her lyric and romantic soul. The healer and the poet are peacefully mingled with each other and expressed in her creation as perfectly completing opposites. The other string that bonds her creation, including art, is her intransigent loyalty to herself.

Esther is painting what she knows, and not what she sees, when the latent part is larger than the unveiled. In her artistic creation, Esther exposes herself and her deepest layers, even when the spectator not necessarily aware to the depths in front of him.

Esther is sculpturing and paining, using the paint as her raw material in her three dimensional expressive paintings.

Esther’s artistic works has been presented in galleries and exhibition in Haifa, Tel-Aviv and Jerusalem. Her paintings are widely distributed in Israel and internationally.

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